Lyrics by Akiva Romer-Segal
Music & Piano by Colleen Dauncey

Vocals by Nathan Carroll
Percussion by Ryan Bommarito
Production Assisted by Hananel Romer Segal

Recorded by Sydney Galbraith at Desert Fish Studios

Sheet Music available here

You picked me up from school one day,
which I thought was weird, but anyway,
I hopped into the car without a fight.
We passed our house and kept on going.
Your eyes had fear and sadness showing.
I turned to you and asked “are you alright?”

You said: “Son, I lost my job today.
Fifteen years just thrown away
with nothing but a handshake and goodbye.
Instead of throw a punch or fit,
I got my car and started it:
Just me, my son, the open road and sky.”

You told me:
“Drive when the world is weighing
down upon your shoulders, playing
games with you to see if you’ll survive.
Drive, take an hour vacation
you don’t need a destination.
It’s about the journey, not where you arrive.
Changing plans and changing gears
with each detour that appears
only makes you feel more alive.
Just drive.”

The game was tied in overtime.
The buzzer was about to chime.
The ball was mine, I took a chance and threw.
It missed and bounced into their hands.
I couldn’t look out to the stands,
I thought that I had disappointed you.

You said: For every win you sometimes lose.
Take each scar, accept each bruise,
For those are things that make you who you are.
There is no option to give up.
Think about that half full cup,
You start again each time you start the car.

You told me:
“Drive when the world keeps throwing
speedbumps at you without knowing
how to pick yourself up and survive.
Drive like the road’s your best friend.
You don’t need a map or legend.
It’s about the journey not where you arrive.
Hit the highway out of town,
Radio up, the windows down
And find out what it means to be alive.
Just drive.

When you’ve been let down or been betrayed,
And options must be caref’lly weighed
There’s tough decisions must be made:
Just drive.
When you’re lost or feel afraid
The plans you had have been delayed,
The path you tried to take has strayed:
Just drive.”

Today my whole world fell apart
I got the news, it broke my heart.
I still can’t comprehend that you are gone.
That constant voice throughout the years
that helped me drive away my fears
is not here for me to depend upon.

Your funeral is happening now.
Couldn’t bring myself somehow
to stand and watch you lowered to your grave.
I cannot bear to sit and cry
with all our fam’ly standing by.
Instead, I’ll take the best advice you gave.

You told me:
“Drive when the world keeps changing,
mixing up, and rearranging.
Take your keys, your ride and just take five.
Drive when the one to guide you
isn’t sitting there beside you,
teaching you to grow and helping you survive.”
The engine roars, I pick up pace
Feel the wind upon my face
It somehow makes me feel you’re still alive
Just Drive.
Drive. Drive.
Just Drive.